I cannot understand all the charges for the air cargo.

Please be aware of the cargo size, length, depth, height, weight, volume. The price depends on the cargo distance from the airport and the exact cargo dimensions.

Will my goods be safe in your warehouse?

All of our safe warehouses are equipped with the highest level of security for your goods, including: 24/7 state-of-the-art video monitoring with 30+ day retention, cell connected security systems, as well as patrolled yards.

What is a customs bonded warehouse?

A customs bonded warehouse is a secured warehouse in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo manufacturing operations without payment of duty.

What do you consider short term and long term storage?

Short term is usually considered when storing a customers product for less than a month. Long term storage is usually considered storage of products that will be in our warehouse for a minimum of 1 month and beyond.

Apart from import duty and / or VAT, what other charges should I expect to pay?

As with airfreight, the freight / shipping costs is not the only charges you have to pay. With other people involved in the movement of the goods, other than just the shipping line, companies such as; port operators, haulage companies and other various organisations all wanting payment for their part separately, you really need to do you homewor.

How Long Will It Take for My Shipment to Get to Its Destination?

Usually, it takes within 3-5 days for air freight shipments and about one month for sea freight shipments. Please note that these transit times are not guaranteed and can vary from destination to destination.